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Wealth Creation & Wealth Management Services

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Savvy strategy with care is the key to unlocking your wealth potential

At Providence Advisory Group, everyone has the potential to achieve financial prosperity with the proper guidance. That is where our experienced financial planners come in to assist you in crafting a customised wealth creation roadmap for your financial success.  


Ready to start planning your wealth creation plan?

At Providence Advisory Group, we partner with you to map out your wealthy future.

Creating wealth requires a strategic and well-informed approach in today's dynamic and complex financial landscape. While many individuals strive for financial success, navigating the intricate world of investments, savings, and lending can be daunting. A skilled financial planner can become an invaluable asset, guiding individuals toward financial stability and accelerated wealth generation, whether your goal is to retire early or provide a long-lasting legacy for your family. As your fiduciary financial planner, you are always our priority, and we will get to know you personally and your goals.  

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What is Wealth Creation? 

And why you should seek financial advice

Wealth creation goes beyond accumulating assets; it involves a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing one's finances.   


It encompasses the development of your lifestyle and financial goals, setting out savings and investment strategies, and considering the strategic allocation of resources to generate long-term growth, secure financial stability, and achieve your financial goals.   


Wealth creation is a journey, not a destination, and it requires careful planning, discipline, and the expertise of a financial planner who is up to date with changes to market conditions, government regulations, and taxation rules to help you make smarter financial decisions.  

What are the Benefits of having a Wealth Creation plan?  

An effective Wealth Creation plan unique to your circumstances commonly involves: 

  • Setting specific savings or wealth goals. 

  • Creating a budget. 

  • Managing debt responsibly. 

  • Regularly reviewing and adjusting the plan as circumstances change.    


It will ensure you maximise your investment returns whilst considering the tax consequences of the investment vehicles chosen.  


If creating wealth is your priority, an experienced fiduciary financial planner can explain and recommend the appropriate financial products for you and your situation.  


With the proper support for your wealth creation plan, you could achieve:  

  • Education funding for your children  

  • Debt reduction strategies  

  • Savings for significant expenses or having reserve funds on hand  

  • Philanthropy and legacy building  

  • Use of superannuation most effectively relative to your goals and objectives  

  • A better way to use existing savings and investments   


With the financial planning support from Providence Advisory Group, you can get the assistance you need to unlock all the advantages of a savvy financial plan.  By implementing a comprehensive wealth creation strategy, individuals can build financial stability and achieve their long-term financial aspirations. 

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What Should You Include in a Wealth Creation Plan?  

Your wealth creation plan will be unique to your situation and evolve in line with your financial development; it will typically cover the following:  


  • Goal Setting and Financial Planning  

We will consult with you to set clear and realistic financial goals, whether you are saving for a home, funding education, or planning retirement. A bespoke financial plan is then detailed, which serves as a roadmap for wealth creation, considering income, expenses, and investment strategies.  


  • Investment Selection and Risk Assessment  

Building a diversified investment portfolio is fundamental to wealth creation. In addition to evaluating various investment options, we will assess your risk tolerance to help curate an investment portfolio that is appropriate to your needs.   


When recommending specific investments, we consider your investment time horizon, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance. We meet you for regular portfolio reviews with adjustments to align with changing market conditions and your evolving financial situation.   


We will also consider the most effective investment products, tax implications, and the latest government concessions for any investment in line with your circumstances.  


  • Legacy, Philanthropy and Estate Planning  

Through prudent estate planning, you can carry on your wealth creation to future generations by addressing the legacy you want to leave to your family or essential causes. We work with you in consultation with legal professionals to develop a comprehensive estate plan that includes wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations to ensure the most effective transfer of wealth to future generations. 

How does the Wealth Creation Planning Process Work? 

Step 1. Book a 15-minute Complimentary Call

The first step is to book a 15-minute complimentary call with our Principal Financial Planner, Simon Shepherd, to discuss your current financial position and determine if we can assist you with your unique situation and goals.

Step 2. Schedule an Initial Consultation ($275)

We’ll meet for a 2-hour Life Planning Session to discuss what’s important to you, where you’d like to be in the future and the potential steps you could take to achieve your goals. Even if you decide not to proceed with a full financial plan, you’ll still leave the session with a to-do list of actions and quick wins you could potentially make

Step 3. Start working together on your Plan

Once you approve the areas you’d like financial advice and support with and the costs and benefits of this, you’ll get the financial planning support you need to prepare and implement your wealth creation plan and recommended financial advice.  

Ready to start Wealth Creation?

Book a free 15-minute call with Simon today, to discuss how we can help develop your personal wealth creation plan.

Why Choose Providence Advisory Group?

At Providence Advisory Group, we specialise in optimising the wealth creation process and identifying how we can add value to your existing arrangements or perhaps completely reorganise your financial affairs to achieve long-term financial independence. 

But don’t just take our word for it – Here’s what our clients say: 

"Simon is a man of high character. We have many years of relationship that's never had a bad situation. I fully trust, respect and appreciate all you do and how you go about your business. Thank you very much." 

  • Steve, 65+ years, Bowral, NSW 


"Simon breaks everything down clearly and simply. I don't feel like he is blinding me with science, or money talk etc. Everything is simple enough so that I understand whats going on and I can see what's happening. Simon is good at figuring out what my priorities are about where to invest and how risky/not risky it needs to be."  

  • Karina, under 35 years, Pymble, NSW 

"Working with Simon has been so refreshing and has relieved my anxiety having come from an SMSF with a group that I no longer have confidence in. This belief has been born out by the results of the investment strategy developed by Simon. I would recommend Simon 100%." 

  • Angela, 65+ years, Gordon, NSW 

Meet your Wealth Management Advisor

Simon Shepherd
Principal Financial Planner

Simon joined the family practice in Sydney in 2009, having previously worked in financial markets in numerous cities, including Tokyo, New York, and London.

He holds a Bachelor of Business (Finance and Accounting) from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

With a strong background in financial markets and a deep understanding of investment risk, Simon skilfully constructs high-quality, diversified investment portfolios to help clients achieve their wealth management dreams. 

Ready to start growing your wealth? 

Book a free 15-minute call with Simon today, to discuss how we can help secure your financial future and achieve your wealth creation dreams.

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