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Retirement Coaching

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Retirement coaching is a type of life coaching that focuses on helping individuals prepare for and transition smoothly into retirement. It goes beyond financial planning, delving into this significant life change's emotional, psychological, and social aspects.  

Benefits of retirement coaching:  

  • Clarity and purpose: A coach can help you identify your values, interests, and goals for retirement, creating a vision for a fulfilling future.  

  • Actionable plan: They'll work with you to develop a concrete plan to achieve your goals, including exploring new activities, volunteering opportunities, and potential career paths.  

  • Emotional support: Retirement can bring uncertainty and anxiety. A coach can provide a safe space to express your concerns and develop coping mechanisms for stress and change.  

  • Accountability and motivation: Having someone to hold you accountable and celebrate your progress can be a powerful motivator to stay on track with your goals.  


Overall, retirement coaching can help you reduce the stress and anxiety associated with retirement and feel more confident and prepared for this new phase of life.  

If you're considering retirement or are already in the transition phase, exploring retirement coaching could be a valuable investment in your future happiness and well-being. We work with two excellent coaches.   

To learn more, have a read of blog post "What Can A Life In Retirement Look Like?, and watch the video below in our "Local Expert Series With Simon" featuring Jon Glass, Retirement Coach.


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Having spent 4 decades in the investment management industry (working at BT and AMP) I decided to gain counselling/coaching qualifications. Since 2016 I have coached dozens of clients to assist them to flourish in retirement. 

64PLUS offers retirement coaching services in two forms: 

1.     Face to face (or online) personal coaching over 6 sessions, with homework before each session  

2.    Through a self-study course called Building Your Best Retirement  

The simplest way to understand the 64PLUS offering is that it helps a client to answer questions such as  

  • Will I be bored in retirement?  

  • Can I continue to be useful in retirement?


Learn more by reading "What Can A Life In Retirement Look Like?".

64PLUS does not offer financial advice. 

Details are on the website 

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Next Steps Retirement Coaching

Retirement coaching is a form of help-yourself learning designed to manage the transition from working life to a fulfilling retirement. It’s also there to help you rediscover your zest for life if you’ve found yourself adrift in retirement. 

This 'help-yourself' approach means I tend to not set out 'how to do' retirement. Instead, I ask questions that encourage you to explore and ultimately own your solutions, fostering a journey of self-discovery and growth. 

At the core of a meaningful retirement, beyond the financial aspect, is the need for someone or something to love, engaging activities, and events to look forward to. Finding new sources of purpose, structure, social connections, and self-esteem—once provided by your career—is often key to success. Ideally, retirement activities will enrich you physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Retirement coaching can also entail comparing your expectations of retirement with your current experiences, assessing how prepared you are to bridge any gaps. 

Before retiring, I served as a Director of Human Resources. About 18 months into retirement, I became clinically depressed. The journey out of depression, supported by many and enriched by studies in retirement and life coaching, led me to a new path. This personal experience informs my coaching and helps me to help other people plan for their own transitions with empathy and insight. 

You can find me at or email 

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