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Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor


David & Sue, 11 August 2023. Clients since 2012. 

What led you to start working with us?  

Sue: As a banker (at the time) I had to work through the process of understanding the whole concept and in the end, we thought it was the right decision to move to your company.  


David: I was having coffee with Rick Jones* and he said, “You should talk to this lady, Christine,” which I did. We had a conversation and then we had a meeting. I was very impressed with what she put on the table. 


What results have you achieved, and how have they impacted you personally?  

Sue: When I look back, there were times when I had some hesitation and over time, I realised how much the contact was so personal. Like when we had to change things because of the market, and things like that, they were very engaging so that I fully understood what was actually happening at that time in order to understand the benefit to the growth (of our account). And certainly, I can say to this day, all of that - she was true to her words. 


David:  The returns pretty much started straight away. I guess I had an expectation, and if I had stayed where I was (existing employer in-house super fund) that there would be no personal contact with whom I was dealing with. Whereas, with yourself and Christine, we have that personal contact. (Regarding our investment strategy) We change as the market change, and we get benefit from that. 


You almost didn’t work with us because...  

Sue: Having been a banker and understood financial markets working in the bank, it was working out how to decide whether you go through a financial advisor, whether you stay with a banking sector advisor or superfund, but also just facing the unknown - where the market is going and how it was going to go.  


Also, my feeling was I always knew how much I wanted to live off at my retirement age and guess what, it worked! I won’t say the amount, but it was achievable, and it was achieved.  (To decide on working with you) It took months, there was no pressure (from you) but it took months to decide.  


What has been your favourite part of working with us?  

David: Having that personal interaction with an individual (such as yourself) who can spell out things that we are looking at, in very simple terms. Lining up with what we want to look at and what we want to achieve, it's all there.  


Sue: I would also like to say, I feel like we’re part of the family. That’s what I feel. It's not just a person running the show, it's like we are family, and we talk about our family, its personal, comfortable and meaningful and it delivers a better outcome that way. 


Who would you recommend our services to, and why?  

David: If anyone was asking me if I knew someone who needed help in running their superannuation affairs, then yes, I would recommend where we’re at (with you) because, like Sue just said, it’s a family situation really. I have total confidence in who I’m dealing with.  


Sue: When you asked that question, a person came to my thought. Because this person asked us who our financial adviser was, and I said “Yes, we can help you with that. That’s not a problem at all”. Then he said that he looked after his share portfolio all by himself. So, my question was “Then what do you need a financial adviser for”? He said he wanted help with what he can’t do, such as other financial strategies. So, I was happy to give you his details. 

*Details changed for privacy reasons 

Why Choose Providence Advisory Group?

At Providence Advisory Group, we specialise in simplifying the retirement planning process and identifying how we can add value to your existing arrangements or perhaps completely reorganise your financial affairs for long-term financial security and freedom.

But don’t just take our word for it – Here’s what our clients say:

"Simon's advice is clear and concise in what he provides.

He always presents in plain English, avoids using industry jargon, and is very patient and available to discuss any issues we have. He provides a lot of information about what the market is doing and various jargon and technicalities, including a broad understanding of investment markets and is able to come up with new ideas and suggestions."

- Peter, 65+ years, Bonny Hills, NSW


"Simon gives us confidence in managing our investment for our future in retirement and has our trust in his guidance and advice and explains everything simply for us. We never feel he is in a rush with the time spent with us at the review."

- John, 65+ years, Port Macquarie, NSW

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